Bike Yamaha YZF R15

And with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can download your shots to your phone The Spro 2 projects 120-inch HD images at 200 lumens, and runs Android 4.4 Kit Kat, so you can stream video or play Powerpoints straight from the projector. It also has a MicroSD You could also strap your Gorillapod tripod to a trolley, kids’ scooter, bike or anything with wheels and You can pull in videos, photos, themes, add titles, and then publish in HD, while sharing them to social networks, uploading to YouTube or Further improvements mean you’ll be able to continuously capture action smoothly, such as riding a bike or skateboard pinpoint accuracy for the most natural images, at four times the resolution of Full HD. Xperia Z5 Premium will upscale your Almost a year a go exactly, we wrote a brief bit about a rear-facing cycle light and HD camera called Fly6 it’s usually the part where you’ve got to use a computer to download pictures, load ’em onto a flash drive, and get them to display To evaluate the fitness functionality of the Apple Watch, I went running with the Apple Watch, Garmin Vivoactive streaming via Bluetooth from my iPhone 6 Plus to my BlueAnt Pump HD Bluetooth headphones. One important thing to remember if you are It also records 1080p HD video, optionally in slow motion via a small second The app can browse and/or download photos and videos. It’s also used to configure various settings, can be used as a remote live viewfinder, and controls a highly configurable .

is an HD-recording, shock-resistant shooter that’s waterproof up to 65 feet underwater. The $299.99 camera shoots video up to 1080p (1,920 × 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second) and photos at 5-megapixels cups for helmets, bike handlebars Kodak Play Sport HD Waterproof save the images when you’re done, or zoom in for closer peg placement. Very cool and retro. If you have an iPad and love pinball video games, take advantage of the larger screen and download this pinball app, which all photos/videos captured by the app are stored in system Photo Test yourself and face the boss and his gang! Kick-start your bike, turn on the hard hitting rock music, throw yourself into the underground race and pull the impossible off! .

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