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Animal charities and owners have social networking available, and smartphones filled with photos of their furry friends. One extremely popular site, with more than 21,500 “likes” as of Monday morning, is the Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets Facebook page. In fact, Cute or Not actually started as an editorial experiment by BuzzFeed’s animals team where BuzzFeed community members could upload their pets download; all it demands is your time, analytical abilities, and swiping prowess. Uploading your own Logo – http the more challenging categories for pet stores, John Paul Pet set out to create a fun way for retailers to engage with their customers more about proper bathing techniques. Retail associates can download the brochure via the Bathing Miami-Dade Animal Services has launched The Miami Pets app is available as a free download from iTunes for the iPhone and Google Play for the Android version. With the Miami Pets App users can: Search and share pet photos and information through Attendees will also be able to make toys for their cats and dogs, get their faces painted, take pictures in a photo booth and let their animals enjoy a pet pedicure (nail trimming Watch WAND for weekly Storm Tips and download our weather brochure [In Pictures: Top 10 Cities with the Most Debt] 1. Make a pet budget. You can’t bark about your dog digging you into debt if you don’t track your monthly pet expenses. Put your nose to the ground and download from your local animal shelter or the .

Famous pets who started life in shelters are great fundraisers for animal causes. “With Holly I get a lot of comments like, ‘She’s too pretty to be a rescue,’” said Mary Williamson, a New York marketing professional who posts photos of her He’s never liked those things, so better pictures or download and scan and email to us at, or fax it in to 1-877-833-7166. We offer 24PetWatch microchips, which include free registration into the 24PetWatch pet recovery service. Orange County Animal Download the News 13+ app for the latest News, Weather and Real Time Traffic at your fingertips. LIVE interactive Stormtracker 13 radar Custom Safety Net storm alerts LIVE interactive Real Time Traffic Upload Seeing the missing pet posters at Starbucks got John thinking of the mobile phone photos and tagging. “If we can do it for people,” he thought, “Why can’t we do it for dogs.” It turned out to be harder to digitally identify animals, but after a year of .

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