Five Mistakes That Make Your Resume Make Unprofessional


When it comes to following the best CV writing tips, there are many things that you need to consider before you expect to get invited to interview. These essential tips will make your personal sales document more persuasive. Show me a free Resume that contains these qualities and I will tell you if it can help you get a job. A Resume writer Resume itself should not have these mistakes even if they have so many years of experience.

Avoid This Job Killing Mistakes in Your Resume

Not Focusing on Your Work Experience

No matter what CV writing guide you following, one thing is for certain, it will always ask job applicants to focus on their experience. The basic etiquette is that the values you bring along in your job matter the most. Before we move to what a good Resume looks like, you need to ensure that it reflects the experience in a highly professional manner. However, a functional Resume sample will showcase the experience in a different manner when compared to the chronological format. But, still, without showcasing your work experience in a professional manner, you will not be able to make a mark.

Clumsy Looking Email Addresses

Effective CV writing leads to improving your chances of getting a job. A job application has to eulogize what values, expertise, and achievements you bring along. However, for you to succeed, you need not challenge the norms of professional Resume writing. Even if you show me how to write a Resume perfectly, there are certain nuisances that you may miss along the way. To get CV done professionally you need to take care of every small little detail. For instance, the use of unprofessional looking email addresses can be a big no-no. For example, [email protected] or similar unprofessional sounding email addresses will show that you lack a serious personality and may not be the right person for the job.

Use of “I” and not making it something about a third person

An Executive CV writing exercise has to have a lot of things to be careful about. The use of the word “I” to describe your experience, expertise, values, and achievements will make it look as if everything about the job application process revolves around you. This euphemism won’t be of any help and won’t help you make it to the interview. One of the things about how to write an effective Resume is that you need to consider creating a humbler impression about yourself. Most of the CV layout examples available online take care of such intricacies. So, avoid using the expression with “I”, but you are free to use it in your Covering Letter where it will not look out of place. However, the use of “I” is also not recommended in your LinkedIn profile.

Using Too Many Fonts on Your Resume

When you are CV writing for a job, you need to make sure that nothing looks out of the ordinary or too much different. For instance, job boards want job seekers to use simpler formats. The euphemistic approach also means using too many fonts to try and impress the potential employer. Even your interests must be in the same font as the rest of the CV is. So, one of the things about how to make a Resume that looks professional is that you do not use too many different formats. If you want some variety or better look, stick to the maximum use of two fonts.


A good Resume format has to be as close to the job market norms as possible. It is not a bad idea to make some changes over time to make you look more suitable for a job opportunity. However, when it comes to professionalism in your curriculum vitae, these simple tips will surely help you stand out from the crowd.

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