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Another dark piece, “Half Lord of the Fish,” which he admitted naming after a yoga position, is a woman with the head of an animal myself drawing it again.” The drawings surely are strange but attractive in the way that the images are interesting To those she adds photos of animals she’s seen in the woods and fields, creating a research file. Once she’s ready to begin a painting she starts off by making a series of gesture sketches – quick drawings that capture the shape and action of the By Saturday morning, the home’s lawn was covered in flickering candles, stuffed animals and flowers. Dozens of balloons made up of a rainbow’s worth of colors fluttered in the breeze. A few cans of a beer and a coloring-book drawing of a soccer-playing On the trail of the pig-like creatures in Brazil, researchers made an unexpected and rare discovery: cave drawings showing armadillos, birds and reptiles, etched into stone thousands of years ago. Researchers surveying pig-like animals called peccaries in While the animals are its biggest draw, the cafe serves a wide range of brunch offerings Staff reportedly supervise customer interaction with the animals. Photos shared on the cafe’s Facebook page show patrons cuddling animals, feeding them treats where we held him for photos and one last look at the Pittsburgh skyline. And we both had our arms around him Wednesday, weeping as the veterinarian put him to sleep. We love our animals, don’t we? They bring us so much pleasure. How we treat them says a .

The owners of the most prominent vegan restaurant chain in Los Angeles were found to be raising and “harvesting” animals at their Northern California (they had been vegan since 2003) with posted pictures of strained beef broth and a freezer full Looking at Bob Weaver’s black-and-white line drawings of wide-ranging subjects — Pittsburgh football, baseball and hockey stars; coal miners and comic book characters; rock stars and animals — his are enduring images of the region’s industrial [Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images] When the girl approaches her mom about her classmate’s drawing, she tells her mom that her telling her friend about “the paradise, and about the animals and about the resurrection.” Check out the video Disturbing pictures captured by a surveillance camera in the Manatee County Animal Services has the county promising changes. The images were taken in late October, but are getting attention now after they were posted on Facebook. The pictures show a dead .

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